Sanava Bedside

Show above in the Driftwood finish.

Sanava Bedside  –  $205.00

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Product Details

Materials :
Constructed from Acacia Timber.

Acacia Timber (Blackwood) is a medium-sized Australian hardwood that grows in South Australia and the eastern states. In the wetter areas of Tasmania it is grown in large volumes for commercial use.It is definitely an ‘appearance timber’, with a heartwood that is a rich golden brown. This is sometimes complimented by reddish streaks or a narrow band of darker colour, indicative of the growth rings. The sapwood is much paler in appearance. Blackwood has a medium and even texture. Its grain can either be straight or have a wavy, fiddleback pattern, which is valued for furniture and veneers.Blackwood is easy to work and nails and glues well. A smooth, polished finish can be achieved, making blackwood ideal for furniture. It is also good for steam bending. If the grain is wavy then this may require the planer angle to be adjusted. It is important that safety precautions are taken when sanding blackwood, as the dust can cause irritations.While blackwood is a durable, interior-use timber it has a low in-ground durability and is not ideal for external applications.It is readily available, especially in Tasmania, but may only be available in relatively small sizes.

Maximum External Dimensions

Width :
Depth :
Height :