Oslo 1400 Entertainment Unit


Shown above in the Stonewash finish.

Oslo 1400 Entertainment Unit  –  $520.00

Product Details

Materials :
Constructed from New Zealand Pine and Veneer.

Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) is a species of pine native to the Central Coast of California and Mexico. It is a versatile, fast-growing, medium-density softwood, suitable for a wide range of end-uses. Radiata pine is the most widely planted pine in the world, valued for rapid growth and desirable lumber and pulp qualities.

A coniferous evergreen tree growing to between 15–30 m in height in the wild, but up to 60 m in cultivation in optimum conditions. In plantations the tree is commonly planted at 3m x 3m spacing on a wide variety of landscapes from flat to moderately steep hills. Because of selective breeding and more recently the extensive use of Growth Factor seedlings, forests planted since the 1990s are of superior wood with very straight tall trunks without the problem of twin leaders. The trees are pruned in 3 lifts so that the lower 2/3 of a mature tree is branch (and hence knot) free.

Maximum External Dimensions

Width :
Depth :
Height :