My Harmony Mattress


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My Harmony Double Mattress  –  MRRP $1829.00
My Harmony Queen Mattress  –  MRRP $2079.00
My Harmony King Mattress  –  MRRP $2479.00

Product Details

Built for couples with minimum partner disturbance, the My Range includes individual pocket springs with heavy duty centre zoning, hyper-sensitive foam, full mattress edge support, NO polyester and a quality Damask Fabric.

Includes a 6 turn pocket spring with premium quality Latex. This mattress includes a luxurious pillow top in the Plush and Standard Models with the Xtra Firm being non-Pillow Top. This mattress is well suited to adults who are looking for three great feels (Plush, Standard, Xtra Firm) with no partner disturbance, nor roll together.

The International My Range from Avanté Bedding provides the solution through the innovative pocket springs. The benefit of this range is each person has their own individual sleep positions because the pocket springs contour with your body weight and works by providing an independent sleep surface from that of your partners. The contouring pocket springs have the added advantage of giving pressure relief in your hip and shoulder region.

Question: Why should you consider the Avanté Bedding range of individual pocket spring mattresses?

Answer: When considering your next mattress purchase, we suggest the Avanté Bedding My Range because it has more individual pocket springs and has invested heavily in technological advancements. It offers better value for money and long lasting, rest free sleep.

Materials :
  • Heat Tempered 6 Turn Double Pocket Spring Unit

Where most brands are content with a basic Pocket Springs – Avante Australia adds a bit extra. The My Harmony contains a heavy duty spring that can easily handle any body weight or size – it really is the superman spring of pocket coils. You can confidently give a full 15-year guarantee without worrying about the spring collapsing just because it needs to handle a few extra kilos. For the first time in the market a firm no partner disturbance mattress.

  • Full Perimeter Edge Support

No short cuts – your spring goes right to the edge of the mattress so you have a full sleeping surface and to prevent the border from break down. Many brands use foam on the edge of the mattress, potentially using the wrong density of foam will result in the collapsing of the edge of the mattress.

  • Quality Stretch Knit ticking

The ticking is a high-grade 380gsm fabric that is tested to wear well throughout the life of the mattress. The handles help the consumer move and rotate the mattress

  • Comfort layers are both flanged and glued into place

A total of 40mm of premium foam and 30mm of standard foam plus 10mm of Pure Latex. Did you ever wonder how competitors get a mattress to look and feel like an Avante mattress? The point is they can’t – not without substituting quality! More premium foam than any other competitors at this price point. The premium foam ensures the consumer has enough padding for their hip and shoulders to contour into rather than a pillow top filled with fibre that will compress and become hard and uncomfortable.

This Mattress comes with a 15 Year Guarantee