Foundry Buffet

Foundry Buffet 00

Shown above in the Rustic finish.

Foundry Buffet  –  $1,035.00

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Product Details

Materials :
Constructed from Mango Wood.

Mango wood is the wood derived from the Mango tree (scientific name Mangifera Indica for its origin in India), found in tropical countries of Southeast Asia, Australia and the South Pacific Islands. The mango tree is planted in great numbers for the trade of its fruits. However, these trees reach their maturity in 15-20 years and their fruit bearing capacity reduces greatly. After that, planters often cut the tree down and sell the wood. In the recent years, the wood has found many takers from furniture makers as well as consumers, both due to its pros as hardwood furniture material and its sustainability quotient.

Maximum External Dimensions

Width :
Depth :
Height :