Dreamtime Mattress


Dreamtime Single Mattress  –  $205.00
Dreamtime King Single Mattress  –  $225.00
Dreamtime Double Mattress  –  $250.00
Dreamtime Queen Mattress  –  $275.00

Product Details

This mattress includes a luxurious pillow top using premium quality foams and is well suited to children, and young adults.

Materials :
  • 6 turn continous-coil system with heavy duty center zoning

The key to this spring is that as a continuous coil it is more responsive to the alignment of you body. Actually very similar to a pocket spring except it will not provide no partner disturbance.

Support where it is needed most – your body weight is centered on the centre 1/3 of a mattress we put heavy-duty zoning there to keep your spine aligned and prevent your hips sagging further than your shoulders.

  • 5mm border rather than 4mm as commonly found in similar mattresses

Most brands only use 4mm wire – everybody sits on the side of their mattress, by using extra support on the edge of the mattress we are able to provide peace of mind the mattress will not collapse on the edge.

  • Full perimeter edge support

Allows you to sleep right to across the full width of the mattress – plus it prevents border breakdown.

  • Quality Stretch Knit ticking

Avante Bedding uses quality streatch knit fabrics with high density threads to ensure fabrics that wears well over a number of years

  • Comfort layers are both flanged and glued into place

A total of 45mm of foam with minimal Fibre Filler. I believe we need to be very fair with this product. It is an entry level mattress to help consumers with their budget. But the major point it can at the very least provide comfort and support better than any other entry level mattress at the same or similar prices.

This Mattress comes with a 2 Year Guarantee