Crossback Dining Chair – Elm

Cross Back Chair - Elm 00

Available in the choice of Elm with Solid Timber Seat.

Crossback Dining Chair (Cocoa)  –  $150.00ea

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Product Details

Materials :
Constructed from Elm timber.

Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) is a small to medium deciduous tree growing 10-18m tall. It is a native of China, Japan, North Korea and Vietnam. Elm wood is remarkably tough and is commonly used in axe handles, bows and baseball bats. Traditional Chinese entry doors were made of elm because of its strength and long life in a semi-exposed position.Elm wood ranges in colour from reddish brown to light tan to off white.

Elm wood ranges in colour from reddish brown to light tan to off white. Its attractive grain, excellent strength and its ability to easily be steam bent makes it very suitable for furniture.

Elm is a tough landscape tree, hardy enough to tolerate harsh planting situations with a wide range of temperatures, light and humidity. This makes it a popular for many uses from bonsai trees right through to street and park trees, found all across the globe including Australia.

Colours Available


Colour samples are representative of the colour only, they may not show the timber used in this specific product, as different products are constructed with different timbers.